Washington, Oregon Soils Dry; Idaho Soils OK

The latest soil moisture numbers from NASS show just how dry it is for much of the Northwest.

According to figures from the week ending May 30th, 45% of Washington’s topsoil moisture is short, while 35% is very short. Only 19% is considered adequate for this time of year. In Oregon, 26% of the topsoil moisture short, while 54% is very short. 20% is adequate for the end of May. In Idaho, 53% of the topsoil moisture is adequate, while 36% is short, and another 11% is very short

When it comes to subsoil moisture, in Washington, 36% is short, and 31% is very short. In Oregon, 23% of subsoil moisture is short, while 57% is very short. In Idaho, 51% is adequate, while 36% is short, and 13% is very short.

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