R-CALF: Why Aren’t Beef Prices Following Cattle Prices

A bipartisan effort is underway in Washington D.C. to manage what some have called a food crisis when it comes to the prices livestock producers receive. R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard said consumers are paying rapidly higher prices at the store, but cattle prices are collapsing. “Beef prices should follow cattle prices and vice versa, […]

Farm Bureaus: The Southern Border Must Be Addressed

The American Farm Bureau Federation recently joined all 50 state Farm Bureaus and Puerto Rico Farm Bureau in sending a letter urging the Biden administration to address the surge of undocumented immigrants entering the United States. The letter went to Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland as well as Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro […]

Washington L&I Works To Promote Safety

The Washington state Department of Labor & Industries is offering businesses free and confidential safety consultations. L&I’s Eastern Region Consultation manager, John McFadden, said the consultations are intended to prevent accidents, lower workers compensation rates as well as identify and correct hazards. “They can contact us anytime. They can either go to the website and simply […]

While Temperatures Moderate, Dry Conditions Persist

To say the first week of weather in June has been all over the map may be an understatement. Last week, the Northwest saw temperatures climb into the upper 90s with some triple digits recorded. Then, over the weekend, the the strong ridge of high pressure that brought in extremely hot temperatures broke down, allowing […]

White House Task Force to Examine Supply Chain Disruptions

On Tuesday, the White House announced a task force focused on short-term supply chain disruptions. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was named co-chair of the task force, along with the Secretaries of Commerce and Transportation. The Department of Agriculture said the task force will convene stakeholders to diagnose problems and find solutions that could help alleviate […]

Western Drought Continues To Intensify

Despite an overall decline in drought conditions across the continental United States over the past month, drought conditions intensified across much of the west. “As we move in to the month of June we continue to see at least two thirds coverage of the two highest drought areas D3 to D4 or extreme to exceptional […]

On-line Auctions Continue To Grow In Popularity

Well before any of us knew what COVID-19 was, video and live-streaming livestock auctions were growing in popularity across the county. Yet as Chelsea Good of the Livestock Marketing Association indicates, the pandemic expedited the growth. “We also saw more and more of the auctions starting to stream online that maybe hadn’t previously. Or some […]

Don’t Forget Maintenance Before Storing Planters

As planting season wraps up, farmers might be tempted to put their planters in the shed without looking them over first. Grayson Catania, product marketing manager at CNH Industrial, said producers should go through several steps before storing their planters. “It’s always tempting to pack your planter away, catch up on other things, and move […]

Registered Holsteins Drive Opportunity Value

Partnering with the right people at the right time has been paramount to success at McCarty Family Farms. The century-old dairy farming operation has grown and adapted through the years, recently finding great returns by improving their genetic base with U.S. Registered Holsteins. For McCarty Family Farms, a true pioneering spirit drives everything they do. […]

Food Service Sector Needs Workers to Meet Demand

The foodservice industry is opening nationwide with relaxed restrictions following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, worker shortages are a growing problem, as restaurants must compete with better-paying jobs and unemployment benefits. Operators are raising wages, offering first-day bonuses and some McDonald’s locations are even giving new employees iPhones. The foodservice sector provides significant […]