On-line Auctions Continue To Grow In Popularity

Well before any of us knew what COVID-19 was, video and live-streaming livestock auctions were growing in popularity across the county. Yet as Chelsea Good of the Livestock Marketing Association indicates, the pandemic expedited the growth.

“We also saw more and more of the auctions starting to stream online that maybe hadn’t previously. Or some that had been streaming but not accepting online or or phone bids, starting to accept online or phone bids just to give buyers a virtual way to participated in their businesses.”

Good believes the trend of video sales will continue to increase in 2021 and beyond.

“If you’ve got a big group of cattle to sell you might even have somebody come out and video those calves on the ranch. And then they’re sold on an online or a video sale.”

Good added, that while the popularity of online auctions should grow, livestock auctions at the barn will continue and in fact are necessary for some breeds of cattle and livestock.

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