Syngenta Rolls Out New Seed Treatment To Help PNW Cereal Growers

Earlier this spring, Syngenta received EPA approval for their newest seed treatment fungicide to help cereal growers in the Pacific Northwest. David Belles with Syngenta said Trebuset will benefit growers in the fight against Fusarium.

“This will be used in combination with our other seed treatments such as Sedaxane, Vibrance,  Varaxatonea and Dividend Extreme.  And a broadspectrum product for a lot of other diseases.  But this combination will really help enhance the seedling vigor and stand establishment of their cereal crop.”

Belles added this next-generation SDHI seed treatment offers a novel molecule for protection against tan spot as well as powdery mildew, as well as maximizing yield potential.

“I believe it is the first SDHI that will be used for Fusarium control as a seed treatment in the Pacific Northwest.  It will bring another mode of action in addition to the ones that we’ve used in the past, so this is really a boosting fee Fusarium activity with another mode of action, and that’s really what makes it unique.”

Belles added Trebuset delivers the risk management growers need to power through the early season o the way to a profitable harvest.

Click Here to learn more about Trebuset.

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