WSU: WADDL Advances Animal & Human Health

Last month, Washington State University unveiled its new $61.9 million Washington Animal Diagnostic Laboratory. Laura Lockard with WSU Global Animal Health, said the new facility brings a lot of new technology and expands capacity.

“That means bringing a lot more opportunity for disease surveillance as well as training and education of the students that go through WADDL and college of Veterinarian.”

The three story, 61,000 square foot facility took three years to build on the Pullman campus. Lockard, says this idea to incorporate WADDL with the Paul G. Allen School was born about a dozen years ago.

“So when we first built the Paul G. Allen with the private donors, Paul G. Allen and Bill Gates gave donations for that initial money and then we leveraged that to get state funding for WADDL and to bring that into one facility.”

School officials add with enhanced technology, workflow systems, and sophisticated training infrastructure, this WADDL ensures that WSU remains an industry leader in disease surveillance, diagnostics, innovative research, and education on a global scale.

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