Drought Continues To Spread Across The Northwest

The Northwest continues to dry out. According to the latest numbers from the USDA, nearly 46% of the state of Washington is under a D2 designation, or Severe Drought. Meanwhile 23% of the state is under an Extreme Drought, D3 designation.

In Oregon, nearly 37% is under an Extreme Drought, with 5% under a D4 designation, or Exceptional Drought.

In Idaho, 34% of the state is under a Severe Drought, with nearly 4% under an Extreme Drought, and nearly 1% classified as an Exceptional Drought.

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  1. I was driving up Skate Creek Road and saw a campfire by the road. It is a frequent, but non designated campsite area along Forest Rd 52 between Packwood and Ashford. As a family forest owner I was greatly concerned. Any recommendations?

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