World Wheat Crop Continues To Increase

When it comes to wheat production worldwide, records continue to be broken. The latest USDA forecast calls for a 5.5 million ton increase in wheat production globally. World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski, said while the U.S. participated in that increase with a projected .7% rise in production, most of the increase originates from estimates from the European Union, Russia, and Ukraine.

“Across much of the EU the crop was delayed a bit because the coolness earlier in the spring and then getting that jolt of beneficial rain in May really supported crop development there. So, we raised our forecast for the European Union by 3.5 million tons. We raised our production forecast for Russia by a million tons. That would be a new record at 86 million. And we already increased our forecast for Ukraine by a half million tons. That would also be a new record for about 29.5 million tons.”

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