ODA Requires Mink Farmers To Vaccinate Their Animals

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has filed a temporary emergency rule requiring all mink ranchers to vaccinate their animals against COVID-19. Officials are looking to stop the virus from mutating in mink and being passed back to humans.

“ODA is taking the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of infection in captive mink, as well as reduce the risk of potential mutation of the virus and the potential for virus transmission back to humans,” said state Veterinarian Dr. Ryan Scholz.

The state has given ranchers until the end of August to vaccinate.

According to the Fur Commission USA, 11 mink farms are permitted in Oregon with an estimated 438,327 animals, as of 2020. That makes Oregon the fourth-largest pelt-producing state behind Wisconsin, Utah and Idaho.

Eight of Oregon’s mink farms are in Marion County, with two in Clatsop County and one in Linn County.

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