President Biden Highlights Wildfire Threat In The West


At the start of every hurricane season, which runs June 1st to the end of November, the President receives a briefing of what to expect and what precautions should be taken.

“And when I received that briefing this year I asked for a second briefing that does the same thing, but now we’re doing it about wildfire season.” said President Joe Biden. He made those comments during his recent meeting that included Vice President Harris’s cabinet and governors from Western states, including Washington’s Jay Inslee and Oregon’s Kate Brown. 

“We’re remembering the horrific scenes from last year: orange skies that looked like end of days, smoke and ash that made the air dangerous to breathe. More than ten million acres burned, billions of dollars of economic damage. Families that lost their homes and everything they owned, and two many too many lost lives.”

The President added that current weather patterns are adding to the urgency.

“You know, California and some other places drought conditions are twice what they were last year and right now we’re seeing record heat in Portland and across the west.”

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