NRCS Trying To Encourage Farmers To Pursue Climate Smart Practices

NRCS continues to seek ways to encourage farmers to pursue climate smart practices good for the farming industry and for the environment.

“One of the things we often say is farmers are often the best environmentalists out there across the landscape,” noted NRCS Deputy Chief for Programs Jimmy Bramblett. “And within NRCS we work with them to help address a whole range of resource concerns that are related to soil, water, air, plants and animals.”

“We have about 170 conservation practices that help them address those resource concerns on their operations,” Bramblett continued. “And in so doing we’re helping them on their farm sustain their farm operations. It’s kind of an economic blueprint for them but for the rest of society we all enjoy many of those soil, water, air, plant, and animal related gifts. When you think about water; it doesn’t stop at a property boundary or a air quality doesn’t recognize geographic boundaries and wildlife moves to and fro.”

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