Newhouse-Cuellar Amendment Would Allow All Of Agriculture To Participate In H-2A

On Tuesday, central Washington’s Dan Newhouse and Henry Cuellar from south Texas introduced the 2022 Homeland Security Appropriations Act. The legislation, approved by the House Committee on Appropriations would allow the H-2A program to be used year-round in Fiscal Year 2022. Allowing the program to be used year-rounds would open it to additional sectors of the farm economy, including dairy, greenhouse and others where labor needs are not seasonal.

Under the amendment, H-2A would still remain a temporary guest worker program. Additionally, the amendment would not change the time limits a worker employed through the H-2A program can stay in the U.S.

“Our farmers and ranchers are in desperate need of a legal and reliable workforce,” said Representative Newhouse. “Unfortunately, the H-2A program does not work for all of agriculture. As farming methods have become less seasonal or able to produce multiple harvests, the H-2A program must be updated to meet the needs of the agriculture industry. This amendment supports legal immigration while making H-2A more workable for farmers.”

Click Here to read the entire amendment.

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