Duvall Tours Dams, Promotes Idaho Ag

Photo: Idaho Farm Bureau Federation

Late last month, American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall toured several farms in western Idaho, as well as the Snake River dams. Idaho Farm Bureau Federation President Bryan Searle said having Duvall in the Northwest to put a national spotlight on the issue of the Snake River dams was welcomed.

Searle said they took the time to stress to the AFBF head that despite the narrative being presented by some locally and nationally, farmers are more than willing to help salmon. But, Searle pointed out, that assistance cannot come at the expense of farmers.

“In order for us to survive we have to get our product to the market and a lot of that market has to be shipped overseas, and with the current system we have of being able to put it on a barge, very quickly, getting it down the river in a very timely fashion and sending it across the seas to our friends in other countries in amazing.”

Searle pointed out local officials stress that not only does the nation benefit from the transportation aspect, but the U.S. also benefits when it comes to energy.

“We have a power generation that every citizen benefits, that is a clean, it is a green, it’s a friendly source of power, so we all benefit from that clean source.  And it’s established and it’s low cost.”

Searle pointed out the Duvall was very supportive of efforts to keep the dams, adding the AFBF lead took time to chat with farmers about issues impacting growers across Idaho.

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