USDA: Emergency Procedures Will Help Producers With Crop Insurance Needs

According to the USDA, new emergency procedures in crop insurance flexibility will help producers in parts of the nation impacted by severe drought. Acting RMA Administrator, Richard Flournoy, said the emergency procedures authorize insurance companies to expedite the claims process: such as streamlining paperwork, and taking in considerations regarding the producer.

“We’ve provided some guidance on the 72-hour notice requirement. But we are directing the companies to consider individual circumstances where a producer may not be able to do that.”

He added, producers, of course, will still have to report crop losses due to drought as soon as possible allowing inspection that could expedite issuance of indemnity payments. As well as allow for, “some flexibility there that you can hay or graze your crop or plant a second crop,” Flournoy noted.

More information about crop insurance and drought-damaged crops, can be found Here.

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