USDA Program Looks To Restore Wetlands

What is USDA Wetland Easement?

“A lot of farmers have those pieces of their property that can be really wet in certain years or maybe tidelines were put underneath to help drain the fields at one time so they were wetlands at some point in history,” said Carrie Lindig with the NRCS. She added USDA is looking for partners to help encourage more farmers to set aside agricultural land for wetland restoration.

“Most people don’t understand the environmental benefits for the watershed and what wetlands do in that it improves the water quality, it’s great wildlife habitat. There’s tremendous benefits to wetlands themselves. When you have a wetland easement the wetland is restored and as the landowner you can still enjoy the property you can still hunt and fish on the property”

Click Here to learn more about USDA’s Wetland Easement program.

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