AMS Out With New Platform Focused On Data, Transportation

A new improved open data platform is now available for stakeholders of transportation of Ag products domestically and overseas. 

“And we thinks it’s making the platform even bigger and better than it’s ever been in its previous two iterations. And there’s just so much new content, we’ve refined the old content, and just added a lot in functionally and data sets.”

The AMS’ Adam Sparger, says the 3.0 version of the Cultural Transportation Open Data Visualization Platform includes new data sets and dashboards covering the 4 major modes of Ag transport.

“Dashboards on real service metrics, kind of indicating train speed, congestion, supply and demand for grain cars, rail crossing metrics, same for the barge,” Sparger noted. “And disputed metrics on movements and volumes through different locks, different river tributaries, and truck movements with produce and grain and pricing different ocean vessel movements ports and loadings.”

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