Law Enforcement Reminding Everyone Of The Dangers Of Irrigation Canals Ponds

Now that we’re in the dog days of summer, it may be tempting for those on the farm, or near a farm to cool off in irrigation water. But local law enforcement is reminding you of the dangers of irrigation water.

Investigators say a 44-year-old man died Sunday after he drowned in an irrigation canal outside of Moses Lake, WA. The man reportedly decided to swim with a friend at which time he was swept away by the current and went under. Emergency crews tried life-saving measures, but they were unsuccessful.

On Monday night a 10-year-old girl drowned in an irrigation pond near George, WA. The child was vacationing with family in the area when she went to play with other children in the water. When the child disappeared, the area was searched, and her body was found a few hours later.

With temperatures around 100 expected to return to the area, law enforcement across the Pacific Northwest is asking everyone to use extra caution around irrigation canals and ponds; and to stay out of the water.

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