Vilsack Goes To Congress To Discuss Ag Labor Concerns

As lawmakers continue deliberation how to best address issues associated with farm labor and availability.

“I’m here today simply to advocate on behalf of American agriculture and these workers, maintain that the capacity of this great food and agriculture industry that can either provide the benefits that we all enjoy in this country, and at the same time provide respect and dignity to farm workers who are working so hard to make this system what it is today,” noted Ag Secretary, Tom Vilsack when he recently testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The latest efforts to assure an adequate-sized Ag workforce through modernization guest-worker programs is a house bill approved earlier this year is now under senate consideration. The sectary noted some long standing issues regarding farm labor that need resolution.

“Availability of H2A workers is always in question. Wage increases or decreases are fluctuation year to year in an uncertain path. There is a cumbersome process involved. There are uneven worker protections separated from family.”

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