ODFW Called To Two Depredations In Baker County Over The Weekend

Photo: ODFW

Investigators with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife were called to a pair of depredations in Baker County over the weekend.

It started Friday morning when a livestock producer found a dead 850-pound, 18 month old heifer on private land in the Nodine Creek area. The carcass was intact and complete, expect for scavenging on the upper hindquarters, groin, right flank and some organs. A struggle scene was found roughly 50 yards away. The location, size, number, and direction of tooth scrapes are consistent with wolf attack injuries on adult cattle. This depredation was attributed to the Lookout Mountain Pack.

Then Sunday afternoon, ODFW crews were called to the Manning Creek area where a 18 month, 850 pound steer had been found injured on private pastureland. Investigators believe this steer had been injured 10-12 days earlier. This depredation was also attributed to the Lookout Mountain Pack.

According to ODFW, the Lookout Mountain Pack has been responsible for four depredations this month.

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