Vilsack: Infrastructure Bill Critical For Rural America

As lawmakers continue debate on a comprehensive infrastructure bill, Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack, said significantly improving our nation’s  infrastructure is crucial to rural America and it’s economic development. Case in point, a rural New Mexico waste water treatment plant Vilsack recently visited.

“In a facility that was 23 years old, operating on a hope and a prayer every single day. And if that community was interested in trying to attract a small industry, one of the first things that those folks would ask is, ‘What the state of infrastructure? Can we have water? Do we have waste water treatment? do we have access to affordable power?”. And if communities can’t answer that question in the affirmative, those businesses will look elsewhere.”

Secretary Vilsack added, rural broadband opens up telework, telemedicine, and teleeducation opportunities both tor economic and quality of life perspectives.

“In order for America to be competitive in a very competitive global economy we need to really upgrade our physical infrastructure.”

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