Vilsack Highlights Drought Assistance During PNW Trip

Growers in the Klamath River Basin in both Oregon and California have been hit very hard by this year’s drought. In an effort to mitigate some of those impacts.

“It’s $15 million designed to provide help and assistance to farmers and in essence being encouraged not to plant.”

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack telling lawmakers about that specific offering and in general USDA programs and resources to assist farmers and ranchers across the country dealing with drought.

“NRCS has announced a $40 million dollar effort across the country which could potentially be used with drought mitigation adaptation strategies and resources that will not be available through Equip.”

As well as the Risk Management Agency offering crop insurance flexibility related to drought circumstances. The Secretary discussed and observed drought and wildfire impacts to Pacific Northwest producers during his stop in the region this week.

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