Washington State Dairy Federation Excited About Proposed Darigold Plant

Count the Washington State Dairy Federation as one of many excited about Darigold’s plans to construct​a $550 million processing facility in South Central Washington. WSDF Executive director, Dan Wood, said not only will it be the largest large scale milk protein facility in North America, its location means producers across the Northwest won’t need to travel nearly as much, which saves them money.

“The other thing is this plant has efficiency in power, electric vehicle contemplation, etc. and I think it demonstrates dairy’s commitment achieving a carbon neutral footprint by 2050.”

Darigold says the plant will bringing over 1,000 jobs to the area. Wood said the facility is also demonstrates Darigold’s commitment to the future of the dairy industry in Washington and the Northwest as a whole.

“We are right now the second commodity by farm gate value in Washington State and I think it says that dairy will continue to be an important part of the state’s overall and agricultural economy.”

The hope is Darigold will open its new facility at the Reimann Industrial Center in early 2022, with full commercial operation planned for late 2023.

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