Growers Reminded To Be Patient When Dealing With Crop Insurance

This year has been very disappointing for wheat growers for a variety of reasons, whether that’s because of poor yields, high protein numbers or a host of other issues. Because of that, more and more growers are turning to crop insurance to help offset the disappointments of 2021. Washington State University’s Aaron Esser, said when dealing with crop insurance, its important growers remember the importance of being patient with agents.

“One of the things within the policy, it reads you have 72 hours upon discovery of damage to notify the company. Don’t wait, let them know as soon as you think you’re going to have a claim, even if you’re not going to have a claim.”

Esser added growers that have home storage and still have old crop in the bin need to contact their agent to have the old crop measured prior to putting any new crop in the bin. Esser said the year was challenging for growers due to a combination of three reasons; the cold spring bringing frost damage, lack of precipitation and the heat with it being the third warmest year on record. 

If you have questions specific to your operation E-mail Esser.

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