Cooler Temperatures As August Wraps Up, But Unfortunately Rain Unlikely

As we prepare to say goodbye to the month of August, much of the region is enjoying cooler temperatures, which is welcomed relief. Marilyn Lohmann meteorologist with the National Weather Service says the dramatic temperature change occurred because the high pressure that dominated the Pacific Northwest this summer has moved to the south allowing cooler weather to move in, most likely for the season.

“It’s getting harder to get those extreme hot temperatures, not that we can’t do that.  We have some records in September of over 100 degrees even 110 degrees, but it takes a very extreme weather pattern for that to happen again, and we don’t see that on the horizon.”

Lohmann noted that even when daytime highs are warmer than normal, overnight lows are brisk enough to serve as a negator.

But what about precipitation? Will well see rain as we look to the coming month?

“Unfortunately, drier than normal through September yet, we just can’t seem to get the precipitation linked up with the weather systems and be able to pull a lot of moisture.”

But Lohmann says there is some reason for hope. Find out why by listening to our Ag Weather In Depth podcast.

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