AP Illiad “The Best Of Both Worlds”

Wheat growers, as you look ahead to next year, you may be searching for a new variety after the struggles of 2021. Riley Hille with AgriPro said this fall, their newest variety AP Illiad moves into full production. She added that they really hit their stride with this soft white winter variety.

“Kind of the best of both worlds, as far as performance, yield, test weight, adoptability across the region.  Our tagline on it is ‘reach epic yields’ and I really believe in that.  It’s performed the last couple of years very, very well, kind of across a broad adaptation of management styles moisture zones.”

Hille added producers don’t need worry about putting AP Illiad on their best chuck of ground noting the variety can compensate for mediocre soil. What can growers take away from this year, and what does she think should be done going into the new season? When Hille looks back on this year she noted fields that had a really good stand going into the fall of 2020 fared the best during 2021’s harvest.

“So, that fall timing, we talk a lot about seeding, making sure you have a good stand, I think a lot of things factor into that, so looking at the genetics in the variety and how those come up, how they tiller early get that good start.  I think seed treatment plays a huge part in that some of that fertility that they’re putting on the seed to really set you off best as possible in the winter, and get the plant as strong as you can into the winter, coming into the spring.”

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