Northwest Remains In Wildfire Crisis

The Northwest remains in a wildfire crisis.

“There has been an increase in wildfire activity across northern California in particular over the last several days as we’ve seen southwesterly to westerly winds blowing pretty hard across some of the wildfire areas in the Sierra Nevada.”

USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey, said he expects this difficult weather situation to continue for the foreseeable future. 

“There’s zero chance of rainfall across the wildfire areas. Some of the biggest fires continue to burn at least on the eastern flank generally out of control with very difficult containment situations due to the wind and the heat. And so we are looking at the nation’s largest active fire the Dixie Fire.”

The Dixie Fire has grown to more than three quarters of a million acres. 

“Some of those fires continuing to belch smoke and reduce air quality in to Oregon, Washington, and eastward across to the northern Rockies.”

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