AWW 34th Gala A Success In Many Ways, Peha Says

Photo: Duval Images

During last months’ 34th annual Gala, Auction of Washington Wines raised $2.2 million for Seattle Children’s Hospital as well as Washington State University Viticulture and Enology program. AWW Executive director, Jamie Peha said their goal this year was to raise 25% more compared to 2020, which they did successful.

“The main purpose of AWW is to raise awareness and provide growth for the Washington wine industry and the way we do that is through a series of celebrated events and programs that give back to the industry and community at large.”

​The hybrid auction, which featured live and on-line elements, ran from August 10th-14th. Peha said the live event saw 375 people in person and another 400 on-line.

“Frankly with COVID, we were able to find a new audience online that perhaps would not attend in person, but wanted to participate in bid so that was a plus.”

Peha said they’re already thinking about the 35th annual Gala, which is scheduled for August 11th-13th 2022. ​

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