ODFW: Lookout Mountain Pack Responsible for 8th Depredation

Photo: ODFW

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said the Lookout Mountain Pack is responsible for another Baker County depredation. On Thursday morning, investigators were called to the Lawrence Creek area where a 600 pound calf was found dead on private land within an over 2,800 acre mixed public/private land pasture. ODFW said the carcass was partially consumed but most of the hide was intact. Investigators estimated the calf died Tuesday evening.

According to ODFW, the front legs, hindquarters, head, and neck were skinned. Numerous pre-mortem tooth scrapes up to 3/8” wide and 2 ¼” long were found on the rear right leg above the hock and on both front legs near the elbows. Associated tissue damage was up to 2” deep. A few pre-mortem tooth scrapes with associated tissue damage were found on the back and neck. The location, size, and number of tooth scrapes and severity of tissue trauma are consistent with wolf attack injuries on calves.

This is the 8th depredation attributed to the Lookout Mountain Pack this summer, and 24th depredation across eastern Oregon this year.

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