Parrella: CALS Continues To Grow Despite Pandemic Challenges

The start of the fall semester was a special one for the College of Agricultural and Life Science at the University of Idaho. After closing the campus down to in person learning in the spring of 2020, students returned to campus in late August for face-to-face learning and research. College of Ag Dean Michael Parrella noted after such a bleak year, having students return to the Moscow has been an exciting development.

He added another reason for excitement, the College enrolment increased nearly 10% over the past year, despite the challenges of the pandemic.

“Because we could really do no in person recruiting.  A big advantage for Idaho, and for the College of Ag and for the whole campus really is getting students here on the campus, we have a beautiful campus, so they see that, and then the ability to interact and see our facilities, interact with our faculty, our staff and our advisors.  Those are the most powerful, positive aspects of recruitment.”

Parrella noted CALS, and the entire University of Idaho campus continue to address COVID, epically with an increase in Delta-variant numbers. He said the school has policies in place to keep students and faculty safe.

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