House Ag Dems Approve Spending Measure

On Monday, House Ag Committee Democrats approved an incomplete spending package as part of the Build Back Better Act. The legislation will be added with sections approved by other committees to be compiled by the House Budget Committee later this month. The agriculture spending legislation includes $18 billion in rural job-promoting investments through USDA’s Rural Development and $7.75 billion to support agriculture research and infrastructure.

The bill also includes $1 billion to support expanded biofuel infrastructure, $4 billion for a new Rural Partnership Program, $2.6. billion for the Rural Energy for America Program, and $40 billion for forest-related programs.

It does not yet include USDA’s voluntary conservation programs.

Iowa Democrat Cindy Axne, who supported the spending package, said, “While I am still withholding my final decision on this package until I see the full bill, seeing these investments included will be a critical part of my choice.”

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