President Biden Addresses Wildfires During Trip To PNW

Photo: NBC News

Saying politics has no place at the table, President Joe Biden met with officials at the Interagency Fire Center in Boise Monday. Biden said both parties need to work together to address the obvious impacts of climate change.

“It’s not a democrat thing, it’s not a republican thing, it’s a weather thing. It’s a reality. It’s serious. And we ca do this. We can do this – and in the process building back we can create jobs.”

The President also praised firefighters battling thousands of acres across the west. He said those brave men and women have not been given the respect they deserve, and he’s looking at changing that, through a pay increase.

“I directed my administration to provide for pay bonuses and incentives to ensure every federal firefighter, because that’s the only authority I have, makes at least $15 an hour. To me, they should make a heck of a lot more.”

Biden is the first President to visit the Interagency Fire Center in Idaho.

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