Lohmann: Showers Expected To Move Into the PNW In Coming Days

The Pacific Northwest has enjoyed great late summer weather over the past couple of days, with sunny skies and daytime highs that are right in line with normal. However, it looks like the stability will come to an end starting today. Marilyn Lohmann, meteorologist with the National Weather Service said a weak system will roll in Wednesday, bringing breezy conditions and cooler temperatures to the area.

“[That will be followed by ] a strong system to move through Friday and Saturday, that should bring widespread rain to much of the state with heavy rain over the mountains.  Some showers will linger into early next week.  There is still some debate on how much will get into the lower basins east of the Cascades as most of the rain is expected to get held up over the mountains.”

Lohmann said the lower elevations could see a few tenths to a quarter of an inch, with area foothills seeing .25” to around .50”. Meanwhile the Cascades could see 1” to 3” with 1” to 2” for the Blue Mountains. Which would be a lot more rain than the area saw on Friday of last week.

Speaking of that, did those showers help put a dent in the drought conditions across the PNW?

“In far northern Washington, the rain last week combined with a couple other rounds of rain in the last couple of weeks has allowed the Exception drought area to be peeled back a little, but little change for most of the rest of the Northwest,” Lohmann noted. “It’s going to take several round of rain that add up to normal or above normal rainfall until we see some changes.”

Lohmann added if the upcoming systems do what meteorologist expect, drought condition could improve.

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