Cargill Introduced Regenerative Ag Revenue Stream for Farmers

One year ago, Cargill committed to advance regenerative agriculture practices across ten million acres of land in North America by 2030. Cargill has been enrolling farmers in Cargill RegenConnect, a new regenerative agriculture program that pays farmers for improved soil health and positive environmental outcomes, including payment per metric ton of carbon sequestered.

The new program connects farmers to the growing carbon marketplace and will help scale the voluntary adoption of regenerative agriculture practices. Farmers enrolled in Cargill RegenConnect will implement regenerative agriculture practices of their choice beginning this fall into the next planting season. Practices that will qualify include cover crops and reduced- or no-tillage. In a study of 100 farmers across nine states conducted by The Soil Health Institute and supported by Cargill, researchers found that soil health management systems increased incomes for 85% of farmers growing corn and 88% of farmers growing soybeans.

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