Cooler, Wetter Weather On The Horizon, Lohmann Says

Wednesday is the first day of fall and for the farming community across the Pacific Northwest, it could not come soon enough. The summer of 2021 was one of several records, either for heat, dryness, or both. But as we get a new season underway will we see any change to the weather pattern?

Marilyn Lohmann meteorologist with the National Weather Service says we will see cooler temperatures, starting next week. She said some areas, including northern Washington, norther Idaho and central Oregon, could see the first killing freeze of the year in the coming ten days.

“But a lot of those areas normally have frost and hard freezes with those widespread temperatures below 28 degrees during that last week of September.  And they’ve had a few pockets of those cold temperatures already this fall, so even though we’re expecting above normal high temperatures there will likely be some chilly nights with these clear skies, meaning they could reach those values over the next week.”

Lohmann noted for the lower elevations, the first killing freeze does not typically occur until mid-October; again, that’s in an average year.

Another change the area can expect as we move into October, more opportunities for rain. Lohmann said as fall gets underway, more systems move into the Pacific Northwest, kicking off the water year.

“And we have seen the storm track move over the Northwest and become more active.  But we still need some of those storms to be strong enough to get past the [Cascades], and that looks like that may be possible as we head into the first weeks of October.”

What are some of the story lines Lohmann will watch this fall? Find out by listening to our Ag Weather In Depth podcast below:

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