WSDA: Taste Washington Day A Great Way To Educate Young People Not Familiar With Farming

Taste Washington Day is later this week, and according to the state Department of Agriculture, school districts across the state have been encouraged to share their farm to school efforts. This year 25 districts and more than 20 farms have signed up to celebrate local foods. The WSDA’s Annette Slonim said the last couple of years have stressed how important school meals are when it comes to food access.

“Especially for children and families who experience food insecurities, and school nutrition staff and districts across the state are really heroes on the frontlines helping to keep kids fed and connected to their school.  Washington farmers are a critical part of this, as they continued their essential work growing food for our communities and feeding kids fresh and supplying the ingredients that go into these school meals.”

In addition, she noted that district are sending home “Taste Washington Day” recipes to encourage families to make healthy eating choices at home. Slonim added Taste Washington is an opportunity highlight the state’s farm economy and provide educational opportunities to young people not familiar with the world of Ag.

“Everything from highlighting the farmers on the school menus, to put a face to the name, so to speak, engaging kids in activities in school gardens, providing classroom lessons around local foods.  All of these are ways that schools can use Taste Washington Day and the whole month of October are National Farm to School Month, to integrate educational activities around local foods and the farming economy.”

Slonim said those that participates in Taste Washington Day are encouraged to use the hashtags: #TasteWADay as well as #WAAppleCrunch. Taste Washington Day is Wednesday October 6th.

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