Idaho Barley Crop Down 21% From Last Year

Idaho remains one of the top barley producing states in the county, but this year’s crop is well off normal numbers.

According to NASS, total barley production this year is off by 21% year over year. That breaks down to 55 million fewer bushels. The drought conditions being blamed as the chief reason for the sharp drop.

According to the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, barley is the #7 Ag commodity in terms of farm-gate revenue. Last year, barley farmers accounted for roughly $260 million in farm-gate revenue.

Roughly 75% of Idaho’s barley is malt barley that is used in the beer-brewing process, while the rest is used for human food and as animal feed.  According to the NASS report, Idaho produced 37% of the nation’s total barley crop this year, up from 32% in 2020.  Montana came in at #2, with North Dakota rounding out the top three.

Total U.S. barley production fell to 118 million bushels this year, down 31% from the 171 million bushels recorded in 2020.

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