USDA Rolls Out Micro-Farm Policy

Small farmers who sells products locally may be eligible for a new USDA crop insurance product coming out soon. Risk Management Agency Acting Administrator, Richard Flournoy, said the new product is a micro-farm policy.

“This policy will be available for the 2022 crop year,” he noted. “Some key features to the policy is that it will simplify record-keeping requirements actually going to cover some post-production costs, like washing crops to prepare for market as well as covering value-added products like making jam.”

Flournoy added the new policy was developed based on research directed from the 2018 Farm Bill. It includes feedback from producers; particularly specialty crop and organic growers who grow for their local communities.

“There will be more information that will come out later this fall,” Flournoy noted. He said that will come through local crop insurance agents as well as RMA’s Website.

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