Checkoff Unveils Undeniably Dairy Campaign Evolution to Reach Gen Z

The dairy checkoff is launching a new wave of the Undeniably Dairy campaign to create deeper connections between Gen Z and dairy. “Reset Yourself with Dairy” is a youth-centric evolution of the checkoff’s consumer campaign and will use various marketing strategies, including gaming, social media influencers and digital content, to engage with Gen Z to grow sales and trust of dairy. Launched last week, the campaign centers on four aspects of dairy’s wellness benefits that checkoff-led consumer research found resonates and drives purchase decisions with Gen Z. Those aspects are immunity, calm, energy and digestive health. Dairy’s role in offering wellness benefits will be featured on a variety of media channels.

Anne Warden of Dairy Management Inc. said, “To compete in today’s environment, we will create big, disruptive moments that reassert dairy’s place in young people’s lives in a way that is in the social media and entertainment spaces they love and speaks their language.”

Click Here to learn more about the campaign effort.

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