Christmas Tree Expert Don’t Wait To Buy Your Real Tree

With the holidays getting underway next month, the word from Christmas tree growers is that there should be enough real Christmas trees for everybody who wants one. But, Chal Landgren, Oregon State University Christmas tree expert, says there probably won’t be a surplus this year, at least in the Pacific Northwest. He added consumers should not take tree availability for granted.

“Well, I think it will be a very good year for growers, and I think the statement that everyone that wants a tree will find a tree is probably accurate, but I would advise people that if they want a tree to get it early. I’d say the day after Thanksgiving, or that first weekend after Thanksgiving.”

Landgren added consumers may need to prepare for some sticker shock.

“We only know after the fact, after Christmas happens in some ways, but I think this is much more of a grower’s market than a buyers’ market. So, prices are going up and demand is really strong.”

Oregon is the nation’s leader in Christmas tree production, followed by North Carolina, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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