ISDA Announces Approval Of State’s Hemp Plan

Hemp production will soon be a reality in Idaho. On Monday, the Idaho state Department of Agriculture announced that the USDA has approved the state’s Hemp Plan. Under this plan, ISDA will begin licensing hemp producers and handlers under Idaho Code and the 2018 Farm Bill. The ISDA will open online hemp license applications on Monday November 8th.

The entire application process will be available on the ISDA Website, as will resource documents to guild applicants through the process.

House Bill 126, the Industrial Hemp Research and Development Act, was signed into law in April. Under the new statute, ISDA was tasked with developing a state hemp plan consistent with the 2018 Farm Bill. The new law also set timelines for a hemp program.

“I’m very proud of the entire ISDA team for working so quickly to implement the new law, and I know we could not have gotten here alone,” said ISDA Director Celia Gould. “We extend our thanks to the Governor’s office, industry stakeholders, Idaho State Police, USDA and the Idaho law enforcement community for excellent collaboration and assistance.”

For technical assistance or questions about hemp licensing, please check the ISDA website or E-mail ISDA.

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