U.S., India Reach Agreement on Ag Trade

India and the United States agreed to expand trade between the nations on some agricultural products. Those include U.S. cherries, alfalfa, and distiller’s dried grains, as well as Indian mangoes, grapes, shrimp, and water buffalo. The two sides came together in the first U.S.-India Trade Policy Forum meeting in four years. The trade ministers also talked about the possibility of restoring India’s trade benefits under the U.S. Generalized System of Preferences.

The two countries have disputed over a range of issues recently, including tariffs that dampened the prospects of reaching a bilateral trade deal. According to Yahoo.com, the two sides talked about American interest in supplying India with ethanol, as well as speeding up phytosanitary work to allow more agricultural imports between the two nations.

Tai recently concluded a visit to India to try and rebuild trade ties between the world’s richest and largest democracies. The Ministers of both countries committed to continue working on trade issues in the future.

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