OSU: Ag Exports Up 25% Over Recent Years

According to an economic analysis report from Oregon State University, exports of agriculture from the state increased 25% over the past six years. That report also showed the number of small farms in Oregon increased since 2015. 3,417 small farms, which is an operation of nine acres or less, have started over the past six years. Meanwhile, 21 new large, or farms of over 2,000 acres started during the same time period. OSU reported the number of midsized farms and organic farms dropped from 2015.

As a whole, agriculture, food, and fiber industries in Oregon account for 9.1% of the state’s economy and 371,300 jobs, with a total value of more than $42 billion.

OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences and Extension Service produces the report every five or six years in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Agriculture. It also looked at the effect of wildfires and the pandemic on agriculture, indicating that mechanization of the food industry and supply chains has increased significantly with disruption of the labor market.

The report highlighted Oregon’s competitive advantage in seed crops, hazelnuts, pears, wine grapes, hops, potatoes, onions, mint, cherries, wheat, beef, and dairy.

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