First 2022 Wolf Depredation Reported In SW Oregon

Photo: ODFW

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife officials have confirmed the first wolf depredation of 2022. Investigators were called to a mortally wounded 225-pound calf on privately owned timber land in Jackson County. ODFW says the calf died shortly after being found. The carcass was largely intact with one open wound in the left flank and one where the tail had been removed. Investigators added fresh wolf tracks were found in snow at the carcass.

The majority of the carcass was shaved and skinned. There were over one hundred pre-mortem bite scrapes up to 4” long and ¼” wide on both hindquarters, as well as injuries on the head, elbows, flanks, and groin. Beneath the bite scrapes there was pre-mortem hemorrhaging up to 2” deep.

ODFW as attributed this depredation to the Rogue Pack.

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  1. How many cows calves have to die in this grossly ,horrendous inhumane manner before we kill!! these wolves.they never should have been unleashed here to begin with.

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