American Angus Association Focuses On Providing Traits Most Important To Producers

The primary focus for the American Angus Association has remained unchanged generation after generation, providing the best cow and best bull to ensure producers have the best bottom line at sales time. Jeff Mafi, regional manager with the American Angus Association, said one of their top priorities is to have the most robust and up-to-date genetic database. He said that results in a cow high in both value and integrity.

“What goes on at the Association on a daily basis is capturing all of the information, pedigrees, that sort of information, registering seed stock cattle, those angus breeders turning information to add accuracy in those pedigrees, so later those commercial users, those bull buyers, can have the most accurate up to date information to make selection and improve their genetic merit of their calf crop year-over-year.”

Mafi noted whether its in the Great Plains or in the Pacific Northwest, producers are looking for the same quality traits.

“Calving ease is obviously an important trait, growth, marbling, end product merit, maternal longevity is very important, and so those traits of economy importance are the focal point.”

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