WSDA: Japanese Beetle Treatment Begins Monday

Photo: WSDA

The Washington State Department of Agriculture plans to start its efforts to eradicate the Japanese beetle infestation in south central Washington Monday, May 2nd. The Department says all together, it plans to treat around 2,000 acres in the Grandview area in both Yakima and Benton counties.

WSDA sent consent forms earlier this month to more than 4,000 properties in the area to obtain permission to apply insecticide to private properties in the infested area. Those in the treatment area who have not yet provided consent are urged to visit as soon as possible to provide consent online. Treatment is provided at no charge to residents.

WSDA has contracted with Senske Services to apply the insecticide. The Department said Acelepryn®, the product being used to treat the area, is a low-risk insecticide that is not hazardous to humans or domestic animals

WSDA staff will also be in the field monitoring the treatment progress and seeking to obtain consent forms at properties which have not yet responded to the agency’s requests for permission to treat.

Last year, WSDA caught more than 24,000 Japanese beetles, a highly invasive pest that eats more than 300 different plants including roses, grapes, and hops. Adult beetles damage plants by skeletonizing the foliage while grubs overwinter and feed on lawns, often killing the grass. If left to reproduce and spread, the beetles would pose a serious threat to farms, gardens, and the environment of Washington.

In addition to treatment, WSDA will set traps to continue to monitor the location of Japanese beetle in the area. The agency is also in the process of considering a quarantine of the infested area to limit the spread of the pest.

To learn more about efforts in southern Washington, check out the WSDA’s Website, or contact the Department via E-mail or call (800) 443-6684.

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