Higham Looks Forward To Challenge Of Leading The Idaho Potato Commission

When the Idaho Potato Commission found out they would need a new leader, they turned to one of their own. Jamey Higham, a 5th generation grower from the Shelly area became the new President and CEO of the commission on January 1st. He noted he has been an admirer of the commission for a long time.

“You know, I’m from Idaho, it was a chance to get back home and work with the people that I know and that I grew up with.  It was a new challenge for me, something I’ve never been involved with, an organization like the commission, versus being in marketing and sales my entire career, and it just felt right at the time.  I liked the people I was talking to there, and it just felt right and it was a chance to do something new and exciting for me.”

When it comes to challenges the potato industry is trying to address right now, he said one of the top concerns is water  and what the supply system will look like into the future. But an even bigger concern, right now, inflation.

“The cost of growing a crop of potatoes is probably the most expensive ever, with the cost of the inputs, and that whole supply chain, it goes all the way down to labor to help grow, pack, ship, trucking to get our products from Idaho out to all over the world where it goes, it’s all a challenge right now.”

Has the Idaho potato industry rebounded from the pandemic, and what does the future look like through Higham’s eyes? Find out by listening to our entire conversation:

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