Farm Workforce Modernization Act Reintroduced

On Wednesday Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse and California’s Zoe Lofgren reintroduced the Farm Workforce Modernization Act. The lawmakers says the bipartisan bill, which passed the House during last year’s Congress, aims to ensure a legal, reliable workforce for America’s farmers and ranchers. Among other provisions, it would amend the H-2A program to allow a capped number […]

Commodity Classic Launches Podcast Focused On Farm Stress Mental Health

The Commodity Classic launched their special virtual show this week, and one of the highlights was a partnership with the National Association of Farm Broadcasters. The groups launched a podcast addressing farm stress and mental health for the 21st century farmer. Dave Buchholz, with the Commodity Classic, says there’s a lot of alone time when […]

Biochar Holds Great Potential For Rural Northwest Communities

Researchers at Washington State University are looking at the potential biochar holds for farming communities and timber communities alike. Biochar is woody materials and forest residues converted into an amendment used to improve soil productivity. Mike Brady, an Ag economist at WSU, said while the Northwest is uniquely positioned to provide char to the farming […]

NCBA: Moderates Will Decide The Future

Leadership of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association say moderates will control the power in Washington, D.C. over the next few years. In addition to Democrats controlling the House, Senate and the White House, they also control new leadership overseeing the Senate and House Agriculture Committees. However, NCBA Government Affairs Vice President Ethan Lane said he […]

USMEF, Food Groups Asking Administration For Action At West Coast Ports

Agriculture groups across the country are sounding the alarm of port congestion and container shortages at the west coast ports. Travis Arp, senior director of export services at U.S. Meat Export Federation, said like most other industries, the ports have been hit hard by the pandemic and COVID restriction. “To where there just isn’t the […]

Warnick’s Bill Aimed At Boosting Meat Production Clears State Senate

Legislation aimed at increasing meat processing and packing in Washington unanimously cleared the state Senate Tuesday. Senate Bill 5045, sponsored by Judy Warnick would make small and medium sized meat producers statewide eligible for support from a newly created Processing and Marketing Assistance Program. Warnick said the bill would also require the state Department of […]

Environmental Impact on Beer & Whiskey

Researchers at Oregon State University recently conducted a project that looked at the impact of the environment on beer and whisky. Dustin Herb said they wanted to see if terroir could be used as a differentiator when marketing other types of alcohol as opposed to wine. “We’re just really scratching the surface when it comes […]

Focus On Fruit for 03/04/21

Washington State University’s Matthew Whiting talks about the latest research when it comes to preventing frost damage on tree fruit. If you have a story idea for the PNW Ag Network, call (509) 547-1618, or e-mail [email protected]

What Can Dairy Industry Expect In 2021? Expert Weighs In.

The Dairy market appears to have stabilized after the uncertainty of 2020. Brian Doherty, Senior Market Advisor with Total Farm Marketing said despite more stability, there are some warning signs ahead. “I think there are some warning signs, and it’s production. We’ve been at this for a long time, and if you stop and look […]