USDA Updates 2021 Farm Income Forecast

USDA’s Economic Research Service updated farm sector profit projections Wednesday, which are expected to increase in 2021. ERS forecasts inflation-adjusted net cash farm income, which is gross cash income minus cash expenses, to increase $12.6 billion to $133 billion. U.S. net farm income is forecast to increase by $18.4 billion from 2020 to $116.8 billion […]

High Fertilizer Costs Expected To Continue Into the Spring

A dramatic rise in fertilizer prices weighs heavily on farmers and input suppliers as they prepare for the 2022. Prices for nitrogen-based fertilizers have skyrocketed to all-time highs in recent months. Fertilizer price increases are driven by nitrogen production challenges, tight global supplies, rising natural gas costs and steady demand. Representative Dan Newhouse, chair of […]

OSP Investigating the Poisoning Of The Catherine Wolfpack

The Oregon State Police is asking for your help locating those responsible for the poisoning of the Catherine pack in Union County. On February 9th, OSP Fish and Wildlife Division Troopers received information about a dead, collared wolf. Troopers responded to the area and located five deceased wolves, three males, and two females. It was […]

Lohmann: November Not As Wet As You May Have Thought

After the extremely dry summer and early fall the Pacific Northwest experienced, the rain that rolled across the area in November was welcomed relief. But, was the month as wet as many thought it was? In western Oregon and western Washington, large amounts of rain fell, leading to flooding and landslides. According to meteorologist Marilyn […]

AFBF: Farmers Trying To Overcome Issues Out Of Their Control

Fuel and food inflation continue to challenge consumers and producers, and farm interests say some of that is within the government’s control, while some aren’t. Inflation is the highest in more than 30 years, and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says the problem’s no longer “transitory” and could worsen with the new COVID variant—Omicron. American […]

Limited Demand for Farm Loans, But Strong Profits for Ag Banks

Agricultural lending at commercial banks continued to decline but showed some signs of stabilizing in the third quarter. Data reported by the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank this week shows farm debt decreased at the slowest pace in two years. Non-real estate debt declined substantially slower than in recent quarters, and farm real estate loans […]

ODA Now Accepting Specialty Crop Block Grant Program Proposals

The Oregon Department of Agriculture is now accepting project ideas for Specialty Crop Block Grant Program funding for 2022. Approximately $1.5 million is expected to be available to agriculture industry associations, producer groups, processors, commodity commissions, non-profits, for-profits, and local government agencies in Oregon. Funding for Oregon’s program is contingent upon federal funding for the […]

Additional Depredations Attributed To Oregon’s Balloon Tree Pack

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says the Balloon Tree Pack remains very active in Union County. Investigators were called out by a goat owner in the Cabin Creek area after one goat was found dead and another was found injured Saturday morning. That same owner reported additional goats attacked Sunday morning, leaving four […]

Potato Growers Looking Forward To Additional Opportunities In Mexico

Potato growers are excited after the signing of a plan allowing American producers to export fresh potatoes to all of Mexico. This comes months after the Mexican Supreme Court ruled in favor of American growers, saying fresh spuds could not be limited to just 16 miles from the U.S/Mexico border. National Potato Council CEO Kam […]