Preliminary Commerce Decision Favors Fertilizer Tariffs

The U.S. Department of Commerce this week made a preliminary determination in favor of a complaint filed by CF Industries. The complaint alleges that urea ammonium nitrate imports from Russia and Trinidad and Tobago are unfairly subsidized by their governments. As a result, the Commerce Department recommends countervailing duties on fertilizers from these countries. The […]

Dryland Farmers Working With Latest Technology To Improve Yields

Dryland farming and practices related to it, have been around for centuries. Yet modern innovations and technologies are being increasingly incorporated into research to address issues such as sustainability and water management.  USDA researcher, Robert Lescano, said remote sensing data and satellite imagery are now being incorporated into research, with scientific collaboration across various disciplines. […]

United Plane Flies One Engine on 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel

United Airlines flew more than 100 passengers to Washington, D.C. this week on a plane with one engine running on 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel. The Boeing 737 MAX 8 used 500 gallons of sustainable aviation fuel in one engine and the same amount of conventional jet fuel in the other engine to further prove […]

New Organization Looks To Focus On Mental Health Issues In Rural America

A new nonprofit organization focuses on mental health in rural America. Just launched, Rural Minds provides rural Americans with expanded access to existing mental health service organizations and addresses the importance of overcoming the stigma around mental health challenges. Founder and chairman Jeff Winton says inspiration for the organization came from a tragedy in his […]

FTC Launches Inquiry into Supply Chain Disruptions

The Federal Trade Commission is ordering nine large retailers, wholesalers, and consumer good suppliers to provide detailed information on supply chain disruptions. The information will also show how disruptions are causing hardships for consumers and harming competition in the U.S. economy. The orders are being sent to Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, C&S Wholesale Grocers, Associated Wholesale […]

Farm Bureau Announces 2022 Convention Keynote Speakers

Earlier this week, the American Farm Bureau Federation announced the keynote speakers for its upcoming annual convention. Inspirational speaker Jim “Murph” Murphy, founder and chairman of Afterburner, will speak during the afternoon general session at the convention on Sunday, January 9th, in Atlanta, Georgia. Comedian Jeff Allen will perform Monday during the convention’s closing general […]

Low October Wholesale Egg Prices Reported in Advance of 2021 Holiday Season

Demand for table eggs tends to increase when holiday gatherings and cold weather encourage home baking and cooking. In accordance, wholesale table egg prices, the prices retailers pay to producers for eggs, tend to increase ahead of holidays. Leading up to the 2021 holiday season, however, wholesale prices of table eggs in the United States […]

Why Are Christmas Tree Prices High?

If you’re planning on buying a real Christmas tree this year, you should probably plan to pay a little more for that tree.  Tim O’Connor helps run the National Christmas Tree Association.  He said prices are going to be higher for a variety of reasons: 1.) because supplies are tight this year; 2.) demand is […]

USDA Trims Ag Export Expectations

The USDA says Ag exports this fiscal year will hit $175.5 billion.  “It’s a little bit lower, $2 billion less than the previous estimate for this year.” That estimate was made back in August. But, according to USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer, $175.5 billion would still be a new record. Beating last year by $3.3 […]

Riverside Researcher Says New Tool Can Help Aid Food Supply

Researchers, led by a University of California Riverside team, have come up with a way to help crops flourish in drought as well as “normal” conditions. It’s a chemical called Antabactin, which suppresses the hormone that prevents seeds from germinating when temperatures are high. UCR’s Aditya Vaidya, says Antabactin has been successful in getting a […]