USDA: World Food Gap to Narrow by 2030

The intensity of global food insecurity, indicated by a measure called the food gap, is projected to lessen over the coming decade in the world’s poorest regions. The improvement comes amid decreased incomes associated with pandemic-related drops in Gross Domestic Product, according to the Department of Agriculture. The food gap measures how much food is […]

Poultry Owners Nationwide Warned Of Possible Bird Flu Outbreak

We recently told you that the Washington state Department of Agriculture is warning of a possible bird flu outbreak, similar to what was reported seven years ago. Its become a nationally issue, as concerns are growing about a potential highly-pathogenic avian influenza outbreak. “Recently cases have been confirmed in Europe, Asia, and Africa. And we’re […]

USCA Wants Beef Imports Halted Because of FMD

The U.S. Cattlemen’s Association wants beef imports from Namibia halted following reports of Foot-and-Mouth Disease outbreaks in the country. Namibia’s livestock industry is divided into two zones by what’s called the Veterinary Cordon Fence. North of the VCF is where the infections have taken place, while south of the fence is considered an FMD-free zone. […]

Virtual Trade Missions Will Be A Key Going Forward

Before the global pandemic, USDA and its Trade and Agricultural Affairs Mission Area planned to conduct eight trade missions in 2020. Those all, in the in the traditional person to person meeting and product demonstration sense, were postponed. But with shutdowns, the USDA transitioned those meetings on-line. And while the Department’s Ted McKinney said face-to-face […]

Trimble to Donate up to $100,000 to She Feeds The World Project

Trimble will match donations up to $100,000 to support global poverty-fighting non-profit organization CARE and their She Feeds the World program this month. Aiming to improve access to food and nutrition for 50 million women and youth, small-scale producers and their families, She Feeds the World supports programs and projects in more than 76 countries […]

U.S. Continues To Work With UN To Address Hunger

The top American representative to the United Nations Food Agency’s, Kip Tom, says much of this United State’s national aid goes to help people in countries in conflict. “Over 65% of the 86 countries we deliver humanitarian aid to is in the midst of a protracted civil conflict Syria Yemen, Somalia, Lebanon, Afghanistan, a crosses […]

Rippey: La Niña Will Have Global Impact

The National Weather Services has made it official. La Niña has developed in the Pacific Ocean for the fall and winter months. And USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey said the weather pattern will have global implications. “The correlations between weather and La Niña are weaker in some parts of the globe and stronger in others but […]

Global Wheat Supply Lowered

When looking at the most recent WASDE report, what were some of the biggest changes when it came to the global wheat supply? “Basic story is that world production is down this month quite a bit relative to where we expected it to be last month and that reflects reductions in our expectations of production […]

Salmonsen: Trade Deals Even More Important During Pandemic

The American Farm Bureau Federation said farm trade will remain key to supporting the Ag economy, during and after the coronavirus pandemic. AFBF trade adviser Dave Salmonsen said trade, and strong trade deals are a constant need, but may be even more important now because of the uncertainty in both U.S. and international markets. He […]