Chicken Marketing Summit 2021 Registration Opens

Registration is now open for the 2021 Chicken Marketing Summit. The annual executive conference, hosted by WATT Global Media, is scheduled for July 18-20, 2021, at the Omni Amelia Island Resort in Fernandina Beach, FL. This year’s Chicken Marketing Summit will focus on what consumers will be looking for from protein suppliers and what strategies […]

New Swine Fever Virus Affecting Chinese Herds

According to Reuters, a new form of African swine fever is popping up on Chinese pig farms. The timing is not good for the world’s biggest pork producer that’s still trying to recover from a devastating epidemic. Two new strains of African Swine Fever have infected over 1,000 sows on several farms owned by China’s […]

U.S./Canada Working Together On Animal Diseases

With USMCA on the books, one thing livestock producers will want to watch closely, the cooperation over keeping devastating animal diseases, like African Swine Fever, out of North America. “We are working toward trading agreements and relationships that are made easier by the fact that over our share agreement is in place,” said Lisa Rochette, […]