Newhouse: I Will Continue To Push Ag Committee To Help Farmers, Producers

With Democrats controlling the House and Senate, the priorities of the respective Ag committees have changed compared to sessions past. More of a focus are climate change, racial equality, and hunger programs in more urbanized areas. Dan Newhouse, chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus, said while he plans to work with the majority party to […]

NMPF: 2021 Holds Promise

National Milk Producers Federation President CEO Jim Mulhern says 2021 holds promise, with a big to-do list. In the new Congress, the organization seeks to advance dairy’s needs within COVID-19 relief legislation. Meanwhile, child nutrition programs are up for reauthorization, offering a chance to maintain and expand dairy options in school meals and build upon […]

Orcutt: Overtime Suits Could Have Detrimental Impact On Both Sides Of The Mountains

With lawsuits filed and more pending against dairies across Washington for retroactive overtime from the past three years, more and more concern is starting to mount regarding the long-term impact these suits could have on the state’s farm industry. Kalama area Representative Ed Orcutt said while some may see this issue as one that only […]

AFBF Out With 2021 Policy Objectives

Setting Farm Bureau’s focus for 2021, Key topics ranged from farm diversity to farm labor and dairy policy to livestock marketing. Sam Kieffer, AFBF Vice President of Public Affairs, said Farm Bureau delegates voted to increase racial diversity in agriculture. “Recognizing the importance of broadening access to agriculture, our delegates voted to increase racial diversity […]

NASS to Reinstate the Agricultural Labor Survey

NASS intends to reinstate the Agricultural Labor Survey, after suspending it on September 30th. NASS will mail the questionnaires and collect data immediately for the survey period that was originally scheduled for October of 2020. The report will be published on February 11th and will include data for the July and October 2020 reference dates. […]

Newhouse: Ag Labor Reform A Priority In the 117th

Once COVID-19 is no longer the top issue for lawmakers in D.C., Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse said he would like to see efforts focus on meaningful Ag labor reform. He noted as 2020 comes to an end, he and others have been meeting, discussing strategy to ensure they are ready to promote the Farm Workforce […]

AFBF: H-2A Rule Provides Farmers The Predictability They Need

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the recent H-2A adverse effect wage rate final rule, which changes the index farm wages are based upon, will help provide producers predictability in labor costs. AFBF Congressional Relations Director Allison Crittenden said this data proves farmers will have more predictability and stability when it comes to their […]

Focus On Fruit for 11/12/20

Mark Powers with the Northwest Horticultural Council talks about Ag Labor, the pandemic and what we may look forward to in 2021. If you have a story idea for the PNW Ag Network, call (509) 547-1618, or e-mail [email protected]